Why Should You Never Attempt Hydro Blasting Asphalt Pavement By Yourself?

Why Should You Never Attempt Hydro Blasting Asphalt Pavement By Yourself

There is a common misconception that hydro blasting asphalt pavement is an easy DIY project. Many people think you all need a garden hose and some blasting media to do the job.

However, most people don’t realize that hydro blasting asphalt requires specialized equipment and training to do safely and effectively. Attempting this project without the proper equipment can lead to severe injury or damage to your property.

So, before you try to hydro blast asphalt yourself, read on for some reasons why you should never do this job yourself.

The Thingamajig Explained – What is Hydroblasting?

It is the process of using high-pressure water to clean or remove dirt, grime, paint, and other materials from surfaces. It’s commonly used for cleaning hard-to-reach areas or areas sensitive to chemicals. This type of cleaning is also referred to as hydro jetting, hydro cleaning, or water blasting.

Hydroblasting works by using a high-pressure pump to force water through a hose and nozzle at a very high velocity. The pressure of the water and the speed at which it’s moving allow hydro blasting to remove stubborn materials from surfaces.

The Risks of DIY Hydroblasting

Can Cause Serious Injuries

DIY hydro blasting attempts come with the risk of significant property damage. The high-pressure water can easily erode asphalt, concrete, stone, and wood. In addition, hydro blasting can also strip away paint and other finishes from surfaces.

If you’re not careful, hydro blasting can also cause severe damage to plumbing and electrical systems. To avoid costly repairs, it’s best to hire a professional with the experience and equipment to do the job safely.

Requires Specialized Equipment

Hydroblasting is not a job you can finish using a garden hose and pressure washer. The high pressure and volume of water required for hydro blasting can only be generated by specialized equipment. This equipment is expensive and requires training to operate safely.

Confined Spaces

Limited spaces like your asphalt pavement have obstacles like manholes, catch basins, and other utilities that can be easily damaged by hydroblasting. These obstacles also present a safety hazard to anyone operating the hydroblasting equipment.

Environmental Concerns

Hydroblasting creates much wastewater that contains harmful chemicals and debris. You must properly treat this water before releasing it into the environment. The cost of treating this water can be high, and hydro blasting can cause severe environmental damage if it’s not done correctly.

Even if you have experience with asphalt hydro blasting, it’s always best to leave the work to the professionals. At Landmark Paving, we’ve been in the business of asphalt maintenance & restoration for many years in Tampa, FL, and we know all there is to know about keeping your surface looking its best.

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