The Landmark Paving Culture

Our Mission

To achieve exceptional work and foster stronger communities by promoting an inclusive atmosphere where each team member is empowered to put their best foot forward.

Our Values

We uphold the same principles on which we were founded in everything we do, whether it’s performing asphalt repairs or arranging services over the phone.

We Are Dedicated

We prioritize investing in our personnel, tools, and technology to attain remarkable outcomes.

We Are Authentic

Our work is grounded in honesty and sincerity. We value hard work and the strengths each team member brings to the table.

We Are Extraordinary

We provide outstanding paving solutions that revamp spaces and mirror our team’s commitment and expertise.

We're Committed To...

Keeping You Safe

We prioritize doing the job correctly by equipping our employees with the necessary tools, training, and support for safe and efficient performance. This minimizes delays and the potential for accidents and injuries.

We protect our people through:

Safety Training

We offer customized safety training to every employee, covering topics like hazard recognition, equipment operation, and emergency responses.

Job Site Inspections

We conduct regular job site inspections to pinpoint potential risks and verify adherence to safety protocols.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We equip our work crews with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for their tasks. This includes equipment like hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, high-visibility vests, and—where necessary—respiratory protection.

Incident Reporting & Investigation

We mandate prompt reporting of all workplace incidents, including near-misses, and carry out comprehensive investigations to develop solutions that prevent future occurrences of those incidents.

Continuous Improvement

We consistently assess our safety program to pinpoint improvement areas. We value input from both our employees and customers in identifying opportunities for improved safety performance.

Putting People First

Our foundation is a diverse team of dedicated paving professionals. Every person we employ, collaborate with, and serve has the potential to make a positive impact in their communities. This is why we allocate our time and resources towards recruiting top talent and providing ongoing support.

Prioritizing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEIB)

Landmark Paving welcomes people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Our team is dedicated to creating an environment that values and embraces diversity, advocates for equity, encourages inclusivity, and nurtures a sense of belonging for every team member.



We’re on a mission to reduce our carbon footprint by implementing:

Sustainable Practices

We employ environmentally friendly paving practices and materials to minimize our effect on the environment.

Resource Efficiency

We use resources as efficiently as possible to reduce waste and energy consumption in our day-to-day operations.


We preserve green spaces and prioritize increasing biodiversity in the ecosystems where we work.


We show our genuine care for the people and businesses in our community through:

Community Engagement

We work with local communities to ensure their needs are understood and met appropriately.

Employee Well-being

We provide support and offer various programs to ensure employee safety, well-being, and growth.

Diversity & inclusion

We prioritize diversity and inclusion throughout our organization.


Our decision-making and accountability are grounded in these governance practices:


We disclose our ESG practices to key stakeholders, ensuring all communication and operations are transparent.

Ethical Conduct

We handle all business dealings with integrity and honesty to instill trust in our partners and customers.

Risk Management

We protect our business against possible ESG-related challenges by executing proven risk management strategies.

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