Patching & Pothole Repairs

Caution Cone on wet asphalt
The expansion and contraction of groundwater beneath asphalt surfaces results in the formation of potholes. Potholes not only diminish aesthetics but also present a safety hazard, as they can inflict harm on traveling vehicles. Upon discovering pavement deterioration, you should hire a professional to amend the affected area. That way you can go back to enjoying a safe, fully functional surface.

The Process

Prepare the Surface

We remove any debris from the surface to make sure the repair material adheres to the problem area.

Apply the Patch

We use patching material—like hot mix asphalt, cold mix asphalt, or a special compound—to fill the damaged area.

Compact the Material

We smooth the new surface with a compactor or roller to enhance its durability and appearance.
Pothole Repair

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