How Long Does Sealcoating Take To Dry?

How Long Does Sealcoating Take to Dry

Remember that one painting that took you two days to complete, and someone touched it in admiration, thinking it had dried, but it hadn’t? You had to paint that portion again. The same goes for seal coating your driveway or parking lot. Just because it looks dry doesn’t mean it is!

Sealcoating needs time to cure before cars can drive on it and people can walk on it without getting their shoes dirty. Several factors affect the drying process and its duration. The type of weather, temperature, and humidity all play a role in how long it will take.

Let’s look at the essential details of seal coating to better understand the process.

Why Do You Seal Coat?

Asphalt is porous by nature and vulnerable to the weather. Moisture can seep into the cracks in asphalt pavement and cause it to deteriorate prematurely. Even motor vehicles’ fluids, such as oils, greases, and gasoline, can soften and damage the asphalt.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause damage to and dry out asphalt. It can cause it to become brittle and crack.

Water is also tough on asphalt. When water seeps into tiny cracks in the pavement, it expands when it freezes and causes the cracks to become more prominent. It leads to more severe problems, like potholes.

Sealcoating is a preventative measure that helps extend your pavement’s life and keep it looking new. It creates a barrier between your asphalt and the elements, protecting it from damage.

When is the Best Time to Seal Coat?

The drying time of seal coating is dependent on numerous factors, including heat, humidity, sunshine, and wind. As a result, weather conditions determine the best time for sealing. Anticipating the weather is one of the most challenging tasks for many contractors, especially in locations where the weather changes frequently.

Ideally, the following conditions favor the application process

A Sunny Day – Ensure that the temperature doesn’t go below 50°F or rise above 120°F.

Low Humidity – You don’t want the sealant to turn out tacky, so look for a day with humidity levels below 60%.

Light Breeze – Wind helps replenish the saturated air around the seal coat, which expedites the drying process.

Fully Dry Pavement – It’s difficult for a seal coat to adhere to the surface and dry properly if there is too much moisture.

Considering all the factors above, the spring and summer months are typically the best time to schedule a seal coating project.

How Long Does it Take to Dry?

It is best to wait at least 24 hours before allowing traffic – including pedestrian traffic – onto a sealcoated pavement.

If the weather is cloudy or the forecast predicts rain, the drying and curing process will likely take much longer. We advocate using 48 to 72 hours after seal coat application for best results.

The Bottom Line:

Apart from favorable weather conditions, the installation process is just as necessary. A seal coating professional will know how to properly apply the sealant and use high-quality materials.

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