6 Important Reasons To Include The Right Kind Of Signage On Your Parking Lot

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Parking lot signage is key when it comes to the safety of drivers and pedestrians. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, one-fifth of all vehicle accidents occur in commercial parking facilities. These accidents are often caused due to poor facility signage or no signage. That’s why having the right signage in your parking lot is important. It not only helps prevent accidents but also helps deter crime and direct people in an emergency.

Some of essential signs to install in your parking lot include:

1. No Parking Signs:

It’s important to have marked no parking areas in your parking lot. It will help ensure that people do not park in fire lanes or other areas where they could block access for emergency vehicles.

2. No Speeding and Caution Signs

No speeding and caution signs are needed reminders for drivers to be cautious and avoid collisions. They should be placed in areas where pedestrians are likely to cross or where there is heavy traffic.

3. Fire Lane Signs:

Fire lanes must always be clear so that fire trucks and other emergency vehicles can easily pass through without hindrance. These signs should be placed in prominent areas near fire hydrants and exits to remind customers of the need for rapid evacuation.

4. Exit Signs:

All exits should be marked with exit signs. These signs should be placed where they can be easily seen by people trying to leave the parking lot.

5. Speed Limit Signs:

The speed limit is an important sign to have on your parking lot as a reminder for drivers who enjoy speeding. In order to prevent accidents, speed limit signs should be placed in a prominent location near the parking lot entrance to remind people to drive carefully.

6. Accessible Parking Signs:

Parking spaces for people with disabilities should be marked with accessible parking signs. These signs should be placed in an easily visible location near the entrance to the parking lot.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses to have ADA-compliant signage. Not having ADA signage on your lot will not only inconvenience people who need such spaces but can also land you in legal trouble, and you could be sued. On the other hand, if your parking lot is compliant, you can counter-sue.

To keep your business running smoothly and avoid legal trouble, ensure your parking lot has the proper ADA-compliant signage.

Some other benefits of having the right signage in your parking lot include:

  • Reducing traffic congestion
  • Helping customers find their way around
  • Making your business look professional

It’s no secret that a well-placed and attractive sign can do wonders for your business. But many business owners don’t know that there are specific laws regulating signage; therefore, working with professionals who understand these regulations inside and out is important.

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